Teachers and why they’re great.


Here at Evolution Mortgage we do taxes and mortgages for many teachers. We know how hard they work, how organized they are and how easy they are to work with. That’s why we want to give back to our NYC and Long Island Teachers.


As of January 2019, brokers are now able to offer competitive rates as good or better then the local credit unions and ask anyone, our service and expertise is above and beyond!  With that being said, not only are we here offering some of the best mortgage rates in NY, but we are offering some major incentives to our Teaching community that equal as much as $2,500 savings. Some of the many benefits we offer are as follows:

  • Reduced closing costs
    • Reduced bank and appraisal fees
  • A 1 year home warranty
    • Feel safe when buying with a warranty on wear and tear items in your home that often go south after you buy!  Ask around and listen to peoples horror stories when their fridge broke, their AC unit stopped working etc.  We will protect you against the things your home owners insurance policy will not!
  • Help with credit repair to make sure you are prepared to get the best interest rate
  • The cheapest mortgage insurance options around for those putting less than 20% down

Above all, out practical & real world home buying advice is our best asset. We have worked with tons of people just like you  and will help you learn from their mistakes instead of learning on your own.